Shane’s qualifications:
  • Usui Reiki Practitioner

Shane Haines

Trance Medium Healer

You could say Shane had an unconventional upbringing, but through that unique experience as a young boy he became very independent and resourceful. He forged ahead in his life making his way to adulthood with a great deal of acceptance and understanding that it was up to him to move forwards and make the most of every opportunity.

As a young boy he was well aware of spirit, both seeing and hearing, he also discovered he had the unique ability to simply know and understand what people had gone through in their lives.  Without the mentorship at that time, he had an understanding but was unable to progress further into spiritual work, and perhaps wasn’t ready at that time. Many of us find our way to our unique paths a bit further down the road, shall we say; once we have experienced more of life and gained more understanding.

A few years ago my spiritual path met with Shane’s at the right time for both of us. I realised he had some unique, amazing abilities that were just waiting to be used and developed further. We began to work together exploring his natural mediumistic and psychic qualities, which lead us to his unique trance ability. This amazing ability he has developed over time, allows trusted spirit guides and loved ones to bring through their own messages and guidance for their family members. It can be quite mind blowing to think that, through Shane the voice of a spirit guide or loved one can be heard and may bring guidance, comfort, understanding and healing when needed.  He has come a long way and is very humble about the amazing gifts he has, this includes his healing abilities, now also a qualified Reiki practitioner, this has brought more understanding and development along the way. So now it is time to put Shane’s gifts and my own to good use as we work together and help as many as we can do in these rapidly changing times we are in.

In order to bring the highest guidance, understanding and healing, we blend our skills to bring something truly unique into peoples lives. This includes Trance medium messages, healing, guidance and direction on your path moving forwards. We are able to connect you with your own guide and/or loved ones within a safe space, to open you to a truly remarkable unique experience.  We offer ongoing mentorship and guidance, and work both distantly and face to face.