Anne Singleton
Reiki Master

Ann has many years of experience within the Holistic Complementary Therapies arena where she has perfected her talents from the ground up.

Having started with learning Reiki, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage, followed by Meditation.  Ann has worked hard and has provided high quality treatments in many formats to suit the needs of her clients. She continued her journey of learning and is a Reiki Master Teacher, runs seminars for Reiki Practitioners, teaches Therapeutic Meditation along with various other avenues of holistic work and is committed to the development of all her students.

The mutual respect from teacher and student is evident to see. Whilst Ann is a task master she is also fun and understands the demands of new learning experiences and the context of fitting this into day to day life. She is a firm advocate of each person being an individual who learns best when allowed to develop at their own pace. There is no pressure, simply support and guidance.  Ann is passionate about her work and thrives on other people’s enjoyment and enthusiasm.

Ann is constantly learning herself and has developed her spiritual awareness to the highest level.  She runs Spiritual developmental awareness sessions, assists with clients identifying and building relationships with their own Spirit Guides, has strong mediumship abilities and is able to channel messages. This showcases her natural abilities and enables Ann to support students to develop in this field too should they wish to do so. This wide range of knowledge together with Ann’s wonderful way of delivering information and connecting with people brings her students’ strengths to the fore, making them comfortable and relaxed whilst learning.

All these qualities have opened many creative channels for Ann and her painting is a delight and extremely spiritual.

Ann has been working closely with Shane for a number of years now and together they have developed a strong connection which allows them to blend their skills and gifts. Together they offer a unique opportunity for healing and trance mediumship for clients. Sessions are individual and may bring forward the client’s own spirit guides or family members together with personal messages for them. Reiki healing and meditation can be entwined within the sessions to create a wonderful energy and this has been well received by clients looking for direction along their life journey.