Reiki Courses

“Awaken your Heartspace”


My aim is to offer learning opportunities in Reiki to appeal to new people wanting to learn Reiki at different levels, and to appeal to current Reiki practitioners. If you are a current practitioner you can benefit your practice, raise standards, and gain new knowledge which in turn can help the clients you see and help you build a better skill set to benefit yourself and others.

I practice and teach a traditional form of Reiki called Usui Shiki Ryoho. All my Reiki courses work to National Occupational Standards (NOS), and are quality assured with full supportive manuals, certificated and ongoing mentorship when needed. You can be confident in my learning leadership since I am accredited by the UK Reiki Federation and the Complimentary Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). Feel free to read the testimonials from clients and former students.

My services are based in Kirkham near Preston, with venues used for different teaching courses, approximately within a 20 mile radius of my home base.

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Reiki Self Care Level 1

1 day course.


This is a one day intensive course and is ideal for you if you want to use it for yourself or as a carer for the family etc. The aim of this self healing course is to provide the user with the knowledge and skills needed to use self healing on a regular daily basis to benefit themselves. We do not need to be ill to use Reiki, but simply to have a vested interest in our own self care and well-being and aim to bring balance within for mind, body and spirit.

To help enable any of you with short or long term health conditions to develop self care and use Reiki alongside any orthodox medicine needs for yourselves, to support and promote recovery and for you to feel that you play an important role in your own recovery.

Reiki Level 1

2 day course (Foundation).


This two day foundation course supplies you with all the information that you need, and forms the basis for moving forward towards Reiki level 2 (Practitioner), should you wish to. It equips you for treating yourself, family and friends (unpaid), and includes an extensive manual. Empowering the individual’s own choices for their own health needs. Be they, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Reiki at this level can also be used as a carer support for family needs.

Reiki Level 2

2 day course (Practitioner)

£ 250.00

If level 1 fills you with a thirst for more knowledge and growth within Reiki, then level 2 can provide that for you. It’s definitely stepping up a level in energy and brings a spiritual awareness with it. A full two day intensive course of learning symbols, more techniques that will benefit not just yourself but friends and family alike, then this is ideal. Once you have passed and have the correct insurance you can begin to practice.

Reiki Level 3a

2 day course (Master Practitioner)


This must be a gradual process. Another step up in energy with the Master Practitioners course, over two days initially but with ongoing support. Our spiritual awareness becomes much deeper as does our connection to the energy of Reiki. You will learn Master symbols, how to introduce them into your treatments, for self and for others and much more.

Reiki Level 3b

2 day course minimum (Master Teacher)

£ 400.00

This is taught on a one to one basis, and will include ongoing support and mentoring. Students should be working towards producing their manuals for potential Reiki students, this should not be rushed. It is a great responsibility to agree to teach others how to use Reiki, it is a relationship that will continue for a long time and should be taken seriously.

Reiki Professional Practitioner Diploma (3)

(includes 2 days training – with additional e-learning as per National Protocols)
over a minimum period of 9 months, students embark on extra study and learning as well as two days face to face training.
Please note each Reiki level (diploma) can be paid in two sections.

This Diploma course is approved and verified and follows the requirements for training within the National Occupation Standards (NOS) and Core Curriculum as certified by UK Reiki Federation and the CNHC (Complimentary Natural Healthcare Council).

My courses are all delivered to a very high standard and aim to provide the knowledge and experience needed to become a qualified professional practitioner. This diploma course begins with Level 1 which forms the foundation work, then after a minimum period of 3 months you will learn Level 2 both of these levels form the basis for working towards gaining a certified Reiki Professional Practitioner Diploma certificate, which is recognised by the UK Reiki Federation and the Complimentary Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). The CNHC kite-mark is recognised by the NHS, GP surgeries and other professional bodies as being of a high standard and quality assured.

Once you have completed the full diploma course and fullfilled all the criteria necessary, you will have the opportunity to apply for automatic membership (fee required) to the CNHC and can place the CNHC kite-mark on your leaflets, website etc.

Essential requirements for additional diploma training include:-

  • Reiki Level 1 – 2 days – 14 hours face to face
  • Reiki Level 2 – 2 days – 14 hours face to face
  • Self healing evidence (journal)
  • Proof of certification of face to face attunements and lineage
  • Manuals as an indication of prior learning
  • Evidence of treatment practice (case studies)

Please use the contact page to email Ann for full training outline for the Professional Practitioner Diploma (3) and for cost bearing in mind each student will need to be assessed individually according to learning needs.

Reiki Professional Development


I am also offering Reiki Seminars/Retreats throughout the year for all Reiki levels to deepen your practice and help you gain new understanding, awareness and to build portfolios for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).


Workshops and CPD are also available for all Reiki students – we also provide regular monthly reiki shares for all students whatever level they are at.

Reiki Treatments

Both Ann and Shane are able to offer Reiki treatments either in person or distantly. If you have not experienced reiki before it is an excellent way for the ‘whole’ self to be calm and peaceful. Energy is drawn through the client to where it needs to go, helping to kick start the body’s own amazing healing abilities and help to bring balance back. It can be felt as warmth, coolness, tingling sensation, or simply very peaceful and calm.

Distance Healing is simply a virtual real time connection (via Zoom), which begins with a pre-session chat. As you relax within your special place, Reiki will flow through you, after the session there will be a follow up chat to discuss the treatment.


Meditation guidance

I am also a qualified meditation teacher and specialise in creating my own guided meditations. I can also offer a new online “Meditation Teaching” Course for Reiki/Holistic Practitioners to undertake. This course is based online, with regular catch ups via Zoom and succeeds in bringing a new understanding of using therapeutic meditation techniques within your holistic practice. Once completed it can be added to your business insurance and provide another aspect to your practice, through either one to one meditation guidance or through organising your own group sessions.

When we relax into a gentle meditation we can help our minds to relax in such a way that we can enable healing to take place. When the mind is calm and relaxed the body has a fantastic ability to kick start its own healing process. By listening to one of my guided meditations you will be able to relax fully and let my voice guide you into your own special place of relaxation.

My guided meditations are now available on our YouTube channel. Click subscribe to receive all the latest uploads

Magical Painting

I asked Ann to create a magical painting for me. Ann did not disappoint. She used her incredible artistic skills, coupled with her mediumship skills and produced a unique and beautiful energetic design for me.

This painting is based on my energy and vibrations and is completely authentic in design. It’s me to a T.

The heart at the centre of the painting is exactly that –my heart centre – with the blue for communication spreading out and mingling with the spiritual purple. Hidden Diamonds give the effect of intrigue and mystery like a precious gift yet to be uncovered. The purple wings are the wings that carry us along on our spiritual journey, constantly learning, flying and growing.

The delicate pink edges represent love and joy – culminating in such a bespoke painting that I can’t stop looking at. The context and layers produce a real visual delight, with something new appearing each time. It moves and glows and simply radiates passion and inspiration. Truly marvellous and being used as a aid to meditations and for focus and concentration.

A definite mood lifter with the yellow bringing energy, balance and brightness.

What’s not to love.