“Our Ethos”

To bring through higher pure chanelled messages through the medium of trance. By communicating directly to loved ones in spirit and to your guides we aim to assist and enable your journey. Many of you are feeling lost in direction and understanding of who you are, and where your path lies. With spirit walking by our side we aim to help you lift any blocks preventing that upwards journey. Your own guides will connect with you in a more powerful and direct way to assist and protect this process as it moves forward more quickly. We work together in a safe heart centred space, to bring you to a peaceful place of understanding your true SELF.

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Trance Mediumship Readings:

via zoom or in person


This is a very different, unique form of mediumship reading. With the combined skills of both Ann and Shane, these readings offer an opportunity to experience contact with Loved Ones and Spirit Guides. Shane is able to use his gifts to allow Spirit to talk through him and express their messages with their own mannerisms and characteristics.

Ann allows the channels of energy to be opened and maintained. This ensures that the information received is clear and allows interactive discussion to take place to achieve full understanding and clarity for the person receiving the reading.

Each reading with Ann and Shane encompasses the benefits of: Healing, Spiritual Guidance, Direction/Life Path, Information on Past Traumas and Past Life Experiences, enabling choices and clear thought patterns to emerge.

Direct Readings
with Shane:


Shane offers in person face to face mediumship readings or alternatively these can be provided via various forms of media such as face time, zoom, messenger etc.

This will include Shane connecting with his Spirit Guides prior to the appointment to begin to gather the information to be passed on during the reading. Full discussion will take place to ensure understanding and to allow the individual to be able to explore the information provided.

Distance Readings:


This style of reading is carried out without the need of the individual being present. Shane connects with his Spirit Guides to facilitate a reading, bringing forward any relevant information that is required at that particular time. Should you have any specific questions, these are relayed to the Spirit Guides for their direction and response.

Rise and Shine Workshops

Throughout the year we will be offering these spiritual workshops to enable self discovery, understanding and to bring a powerful connection to your guides and loved one’s. Through the deepest understanding and awareness within our powerful activating meditations, we will build these amazing channels.

Each workshop will bring you new opportunities to explore spiritual art and channelled writing, with an amazing trance demonstration provided by Shane to fill you with renewed optimism as your life moves forwards.

Online Spiritual Development Courses including Mediumship are available. Inclusive of dedicated mentorship from Ann & Shane, with weekly zoom meetings, channelled recordings and reading material to support your learning process. Feel free to request a training outline via our contact page.