Ann’s Poetry

“Be mindful and creative, let your dreams awaken beyond all your expectations, be fully present in your life, however long live it to your full potential. We all have a role to fulfil”.

“Be inspired and inspiring.
Be creative and enjoy creativity.
Above all be you”.

“As she stood on the edge,
she gasped taking it all in
The world was at her feet
Yet it was, all within
Energy, sensing and flowing
Trust and faith in all she would greet
Creative, joyous within her purpose
Ever expanding, growing, learning
Belief ever knowing, sharing and yearning
A sense of calm and serenity
Indeed acceptance of a certain finality
She had come home to herself
The heart ever open now
Sings out loud with it’s beat”.

“First it starts with imagination
Then it moves to possibility
You know it’s right when you
feel a sense of joy
Keep hold of that feeling
Bring it home to your heart
And EXPERIENCE IT for all your worth”

“If you would know
Gaze softly at the light within
Quietly shining, remembering all
Hold aloft for all to see
A beacon, a beautiful glow
From the smallest of place
A light so bright and shine on the heaviest face
What they need to know
That they too, may gaze softly
At the light within
That they too may hold aloft for all
To see – a beacon a beautiful glow
From the smallest of place
A light so bright – it brings
Us home to a sense of peace”.

“Embrace the changes that need to take place.
We are meant to evolve, grow and walk through ever opening doors.
How would you ever know what you are capable of unless you keep walking forward.
The only things that may limit you are your own beliefs.
Welcome transformation and fly”.